The aesthetic surgery for nasal restructuring or Rhinoplasty

An extended nasal tip, the wide nasal width, abnormal shape or deformities of the nose due to heredity or broken bones due to injury, calls for some correction measure. The Rhinoplasty or nose jobs are performed either open in case of smaller reshape requirement or closed one in case of major restructuring.

The nose functionality defect

Sometimes, the shape of the nose prevents the normal functionality and also ruins the look of the face. This can be from birth or due to bad habits like drugs intake from the nose route, injury leading to bone realignment or bone breakage and also cartilage rupturing. The nerves of the nose are also delicate needed to be handled with care. Thus, people opting for rhinoplasty can get their nose changed completely in terms of shape, texture, outlines, and also colour and texture.

More often people go for this surgery to reduce the scars of the nasal skin cancer, burns, animal bites, and blunt trauma and restore their aesthetic beauty too, it’s much like those who go to a UK surgeon to have a boob job for instance. The structure of the nose on the inside is too complicated with nasal lining, nasal muscles underneath three layers of nasal skin. The beauty is more often hinged on the tip of the nose, both side dorsal and also the bones and muscles shape showcasing outside. The angle of the nose curves and depressions are corrected with the insertion of cartilage grafts and placement of stents, etc.

The people who fail to be contented for the first primary incision and surgery can go for a secondary nose job which is sometimes much complicated. This can be to address the unaddressed issues like fractures or to reshape the nose which is either too slender or too compressed or the operation has resulted in showcasing of the nostrils, etc. This can ruin the prosthesis of the nose and the delicate nerves which are already under the scissor once needs to be again safeguarded in the second operation otherwise can lead to profuse nose bleeding too.

The cross sectional nose in case show cases a humped bone, there is cartilage dorsal hump reduction procedures too. The narrowing of gap in thin noses can be responsible for breathing problems too in many cases and hence the need for correction.

Don’t go under the scissors

The small defects are easy to resolve by using open Rhinoplasty or nose jobs, and this involves injecting inert fillers, but the results can be transient in comparison to the closed surgeries. The closed surgeries require more incisions and hence anaesthetic procedures are followed initially. There is some stress and pain which can follow and scars too can develop on skin grafting procedures done Hence, people undergoing the operation must be physically sound to handle it. Open operations are much more convenient, recovery is much faster, less painful, with less scars, and also leaves less scope for nerve damage. The skin and the tissues of the nose are separated in the closed surgery. The open gaps are sutured to allow healing of the wounds which takes considerable amount of time. The nose skin in the bottom which is the thick one is normally used for grafting too


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